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Monday, March 29, 2004

Life in US: Tip to bid a good bargain at eBay.

I was skeptical of bidding at eBay. Since there are so many people online to bid somthing you are interested. It seems that it not likely to win easily!

But why donot you try instead of looking at the low price?

I like the book titled Principles of Neural Sciences. I went to eBay, and found the price was pretty reasonable, almost half of the cover price! I tried to bid for it. But not very long after I bid it, someone would like to pay higher price. I "gave" it up.

Fortunately, I got a email from eBay after a few days that the online vendor has more copies and he is willing to offer me the price I was bidding.

The book was "Priniples of Neural Sciences". Its cover price at Barnes Noble is $98, but I got it at $55.