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Thursday, July 29, 2004

It is a great pain to engage with Sony VAIO and its service

My Sony VAIO desktop did not work. I started to try to get a recovery CD for the Sony PCV-RS 210 on July 20,but I did not get one in a month!

Actually, I did get recovery CDs in a weeks, but it did not work.Because the CDs were incorrect , but I told all my computer information (serial No,product key and model No.) to them.

Then I had to order it again on July 31. I called them on August 9 to verify if they sent out the CDs, and I was told that it was sent out on August 6,just a week later after I ordered. Unfortunately, the worst thing is that THEY did not send out at all!

I then called them today (August 16), and was advised that CDs were sent out on August 12. I asked them why they sent it out late? The lady who took my call was very angry and hang up the phone with no answer.

Is it stupid not to wrap the CDs with the computer?


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